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Graeme Murray is a Paralyampic Sledge Hockey Athlete. He Competed internationally for 14 years winner numerous awards and medals along the way.  He was Born in and Lives in Gravenhurst.  Graeme also enjoys sharing his stories of success and failure with anyone who asks

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Graeme Murray Blog Posts.  Blog posts about Goal Setting, Personal Health, Welness and Nutrition and Success.  Do anything or find success in any projet by reading these words


Chapter 6... Gerald Goose


Gerry has always been an independent goose. He flies where the breeze takes him and lands where the sun shines. As a lone traveller Gerry went where he wanted when he wanted. He chose to spend most of his days south where the sun is warm and fish are plentiful though the company hollow.

Bored, Gerry left and flew north. Gerry stopped only to rest and eat. He came upon a small town with many travellers and many lakes. He found that there were many just like him, many loners. There were also many families, people playing, dining and enjoying life together.

Gerry had two pastimes. He loved standing alone on top of small hills. He loved to gaze upon all those beneath him and judge them. With his black eyes he would look down on people, shake his head about the things they do wrong. Gerry had his life together like no one else. He knew he was right and they were wrong. They were all wrong. Gerry was kind of a jerk, he did not listen to anyone and did not need anyone. For some reason he could not leave Gravenhurst. He did not understand why he was drawn to it, maybe it was the fish, maybe it was the leftover foods left behind by families after their picnics. 

Gerry was happy alone. He was content knowing he was above everyone. One day, he saw a young boy, this boy looked curious. He would explore everything with wonder as if seeing it for the first time. Gerry thought to himself, "how naive this boy is. He will soon learn the emptiness this world has". Gerry put on his dark sunglasses, flapped his wings and let out a great honk as he landed next to the boy. Their bond was instant like two magnets of opposite polls. Without a word, they both knew they were a part of each other life.