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Gravenhurst, ON

705 205 2479

Graeme Murray is a Paralyampic Sledge Hockey Athlete. He Competed internationally for 14 years winner numerous awards and medals along the way.  He was Born in and Lives in Gravenhurst.  Graeme also enjoys sharing his stories of success and failure with anyone who asks


Success, Hard Work and Heart

Define Success through hard work and dedication

"Growing up in a small town I learned quickly that if I wanted something I would have to make it happen.  In this way I learned to define my own success by stating an unobtainable goal and implementing a plan to make it obtainable.  No matter what award or medal I achieved, I did not consider myself successful unless I had a plan to achieve something and worked every day towards that goal"

Graeme Murray, 2015.

The benefit of listening to Graeme present is that he leads the audience through his career by the way of a series of stories outlining specific critical events where he learned to define his own success.  There is no secret to success, only a vision. Graeme shares that point of view allowing the audience to define their own success.

Graeme discusses hard work, goal setting and focus as well as the benefit and intrinsic reward of defining ones own success.

Success is what you want it to be.  All you have to do is define it. 

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