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Graeme Murray is a Paralyampic Sledge Hockey Athlete. He Competed internationally for 14 years winner numerous awards and medals along the way.  He was Born in and Lives in Gravenhurst.  Graeme also enjoys sharing his stories of success and failure with anyone who asks

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Interlude From Graeme... I'm Watching The World Championships This Year


Sometimes I will take a break from story telling to bring you back to the present. I am having a great time sharing stories from my past, all of which are based on actual facts. 

It has been near eight months since I announced my retirement from competitive sledge hockey. I have not looked back. It was the right choice. Between April 26th and May 3rd I will watch for the first time a Sledge Hockey World Championship (check the link for details) from the stands.  I have been fortunate to compete in, win and lose my fair share of World Championships and I am sending my best to Team Canada in Buffalo, NY. 

Even though I have stopped competing my heart is still in the game and am looking for opportunities to share my experience. These blogs can attest I love sharing my story as I believe there many lessons throughout it that can be shared.

If you ever have questions to ask me about competing in sledge hockey, growing up in a wheelchair or challenging yourself to succeed, please just ask. It is that simple, just ask and I will be very happy to respond.

Thanks for your time this week. We will get back to the story next week.